Pretty C2s with the ability to sort the columns as derived from MrTrivel's Pretty C2 Tables

Heirloom calculator from Omsi based on nsheetz

Boushley's Trimps save editor useful for testing new patches! For other uses, shame on you!

Bhad's Fluffy Calculator useful for determining how long it'll take for Fluffy to level! Also includes the Daily Calculator to see upcoming daily challenges.

Grimy's Perky and zFarm useful for optimizing your perks and farming zones.

Swaq's Personal Spire optimizer useful for maximizing your towers, spire stones and runestones.

Nohmou's GatorCalc useful for Fueling and Amalgamator optimization.

Trimps Save Viewer with some handy summaries.

Trimps Heirlooms Viewer with some handy summaries.

Bionic Wonderland calculator, formally in the Fluffy Calculator but remove due to inaccuracies. May help for directionally telling how long it will take to clear that BW.

Optimal U2 Shields

from Andrew on Trimps discord channel

All optimal shields have Trimp Attack and Crit Damage. The other 4 mods vary
Starter Buble shield - Crit Chance/Gamma Burst/Trimp Health/VMDC
Later Buble/Melt shield - Crit Chance/Trimp Health/Prismatic Shield/VMDC
Duel shield - Gamma Burst/Trimp Health/Prismatic Shield/Plaguebringer
Shielded achieves shield - Crit Chance/Gamma Burst/Trimp Health/Prismatic Shield
Push Shield - Crit Chance/Trimp Health/Plaguebringer/Prismatic Shield
U1 trapper/Trappapalooza - Crit Chance/Gamma Burst/Trimp Health/Plaguebringer
U1 c2/Daily Shield - Crit Chance/Gamma Burst/Plaguebringer/VMDC

Vein Miner for Minecraft

EIemend Vein Miner 1.13 (Version 2, modified to work with Ender Pearls, and shortened to load successfully to Realms).

For the original visit Version 1 Reddit announcement : This one just requires you to sneak using an iron or diamond tool.
For the original version 2 visit Version 2 Reddit annoucement : This one requires you to add a "enchantment" (actually a Lore) to the tool by dropping the tool on an enchantment table and then doing the same with an Eye of Ender.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

d20 Spell Search Form as derived from the Hypertext d20 srd

d20 Magic Item Search Form as derived from the Hypertext d20 srd

Magic Items with crafting prerequisites and costs.

3.5 Random Generators

Astral Constructs


Testing Mode

Random NPCs
Testing Mode